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Saving money by using a VA:

Can a Virtual Assistant save you money? Many people will be surprised to know just how cost effective we are! A VA can help save you time and money whilst also helping your business to grow. In fact, a lot of business owners have never thought of hiring a VA and some don’t even know what they are!

By using a Virtual Assistant, your ongoing costs to run a business can drop by up to 40%.

How hiring a VA can save you money:

· At first a Virtual Assistants pay rate may seem high, although you need to take into consideration all the other costs when hiring a full-time employee. When you add it all up it makes a lot more sense to hire a VA as we can do just as much, and cost you less!

· As VA’s we track what times we work which means we only charge you for the hours spent on your work, whereas with an employee is paid whether they are working or not.

· There is no need for you to pay for office space or equipment because, as Virtual Assistants, we work remotely, from our own office, using our own computers.

· You’ll only be paying one person to manage all of these responsibilities for you rather than several employees, which will already save you a lot more!

· Hiring an employee means you will need to spend money and time on training them, whereas with a VA they already have a good understanding of what they need to do.

· When outsourcing to a VA there are no recruitment costs.

· Other additional costs you have to think about when hiring an employee are healthcare, taxes, paid holidays, paid sick time, life insurance, national insurance and many more. All of these added up can be very pricey!

When running your own business sometimes you can get too caught up on admin tasks which means you have less time to focus on the more important aspects of your business. Outsourcing some tasks will allow you to focus more on client work and growing your business!

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