Terms and Conditions of Business


On instructing us to carry out any form of work, the client agrees to our Terms and Conditions of

business contained herein.

Please ensure that you read all pages fully before signing.


  1. 1.       General Terms:

1.1   Consultations and quotations are free and are carried out by email or telephone or in person if required.

1.2  Work can be accepted from the client by email, post, USB drive or courier.

1.3   All work carried out will be proof-read, however final proof-reading of the work lies with the client.

1.4We do not accept liability or responsibility for the end use of any documents or materials produced or edited by us on behalf of the client.

1.5   We reserve the right to reject any work which we believe to be unlawful or immoral.

1.6   For reasons of safety and insurance, personal visits to our premises are not permitted. Any and all necessary meetings will be held at an alternative location

1.7   Delegate Me recommends any original documents to be sent via secure post

1.8   A signed contract is required before commencement of work. This indicates clients acceptance of our terms and conditions

1.9   Contracts can be terminated with 30 days written notice by either party.

1.10 We reserve the right to charge for any work carried out prior to cancellation

1.11 Although every effort will be made to ensure reliable service, in event of equipment failure, Delegate Me cannot be held liable for any loss of information



2.0   Payment Terms:

2.1   Payment can be made by BACS transfer or via Pay Pal. If clients original requirements change, we reserve the right to change our original quotation following suitable consultation with client.

2.2   Fee’s will be reviewed throughout the term of this agreement & may be subject to an increase in line with rising operating costs, we will notify you of any changes to fees bygiving you no less than 30 days written notice.’

2.3   A fee of £50 will be charged for any returned cheques or bounced payments.

2.4   Unless otherwise specified, invoices are due on receipt of invoice.

2.5   Any additional costs incurred for example, postage, courier, will be shown on invoice under ‘Expenses’.

2.6   Overdue invoices will result in interest charges (at the rate of 8%) for the total outstanding fee per month.

2.7   In the event of a contract being cancelled/terminated, the client agrees to pay for all work completed up to that point.

2.8   All costs incurred for chasing and/or recovering the outstanding payment will be added to account




3.0   Privacy Policy:

3.1   Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times

3.2   No information will be made available to any third party

3.3   All work will be kept on file for a period of 6 months. After this time, work will be deleted unless specifically instructed.

3.4   We aim to communicate with you by such methods as you may reasonably request. You may need to virus check electronic media and emails as, although we take reasonableprecautions, we cannot guarantee that all electronic data is virus free.

3.5   We will communicate with you and others when appropriate by email, but we cannot be responsible for the security of correspondence and documents sent by email.


By accepting these Terms of Business, you give informed consent to enable us to communicate with you on confidential matters by email, unless you have asked us not to do so.